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  1. Val Murray says:

    Dear Melanie
    My son and I visited Knight Inlet Lodge in early June and loved every minute of it. I have been a Grizzly Bear advocate for many years and have recently launched a website, Facebook page and an Op-ed piece that was printed in the Times Colonist yesterday (which you can read on the How to Help page of my website below). My focus is to galvanize private citizens to raise this atrocious grizzly killing high on political radar leading up to the provincial election next year. I am getting good feedback since yesterday’s Op-ed.
    Many people have never seen a grizzly, including politicians who make the policies. I would like to include your site as a reference on my Education page, where people could go to dispel myths around grizzly bears. Would that be OK with you? I will ask John Kitchin as well. Your work is wonderful and I think groundbreaking – thank you.

    • mclapham2014 says:

      Hi Val. Thanks for getting in contact. Yes that would be great if you could include my website as a link on yours. I also run a non-profit called the Brown Bear Research Network ( which you may also find of interest. Knight Inlet Lodge is one of our founding member companies. If you would like any more information, please contact me directly Thank you!

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